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Garden Games

Daily rent of games

Manufacturing and selling

Import and Export

Work recreational parks for time periods in malls or in public parks and work Aqua Park in the Nile or the sea or swimming pool

Supply and manufacture the needs of all categories, whether private individuals, Onawadi schools, tourist villages and hotels

Organize entertainment and sports events

Organizing sports exhibitions

What do we seek?



The goal of the company is to provide the means of play and the means of comfort for all members of the family where it is characterized by easy to use and maintenance and easy transport and storage and the use of modern technology and safety is a good alternative to fiber Plus. The year-round comfort provides summer and winter for all individuals


Target groups

Children, adults and children of all ages to work for birthdays, entertainment parties, school parties and campuses in schools, clubs and Aqua Park within the clubs available swimming pools or tourist villages and hotels.

Fun Toys City offers all water games and events.

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